Information Technology visits IRAQ

I've got my computer tools handy.... where the hell is Dawson, He's not answering his radio, again.

Hey honey,  I've changed a little...........


Our Armed Guards from the Iraq order to the hotel

That's Jeff Taylor on the left, Our professional Stunt Driver (Man!! Can he drive!!)...

Kuwait Border into Iraq

In a long line at the gas station....but we didn't wait.

Lots of Fresh Fruit was available....but we didn't stop.

Two of our great protective services team....

Lots of poverty and junk lands.....definitely a swap meet righ environment.

Our Armed Security was in good spirits

Tropical Desert Oasis??

Oh, Yeah,  We made it!! We're here!!

Our Hotel Room at the Baghdad Hotel - Iraq


Our Room at the Baghdad Hotel (How many stars is this place, anyway? .5?)

A DynCorp Security Guard protecting from the roof....

Our Soldiers working to protect us...




IRAQ at Night



I was awakened each morning by what sounded like a fleet of trash trucks

working outside the hotel......oops, these "aint" trash trucks!!

Mornings in Iraq

- Baghdad Hotel explosion -

It was not too close to us however definitely near a DynCorp location.
Mount Lebanon Hotel was hit.

We drove from Baghdad to Kuwait City -


These folks didn't seem to like it when we went in front of them in the gas lines....

We made it to the Iraq/Kuwait Border without incident....

Our Room in Kuwait City was nice

A little nicer than the Baghdad Hotel, huh?

This is what every guest should expect from a 5 star hotel, 

Robe, Slippers, Bullet Proof Vest!!

Radisson SAS Hotel in Kuwait City

Goodbye Kuwait - Hello Amman, Jordan

View from the Sheriton hotel window

And our accommodations.....definitely nice.....

IAt the DEAD SEA - Thats the West Bank behind me.

Had to take a stroll in the dead sea