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Catholic Parish or Organization
 Free Web Site Page

My Personal Mission:

I would like to create a web site for every parish
that desires one, absolutely Free.

The purpose of a web site, as it relates to a church parish is to provide to its membership and visitors, a single portal to information about the Catholic Religion and Catholicism, the parish, the organizations that support and receive support from the parish, and affiliate organizations sanctioned by the parish and it's membership

4 Options are Available

I plan to accomplish this by offering several options to each parish.  These are:

Option ONE: Absolutely Free ! ! !

I will create and publish a fully functional web-site for your parish or organization absolutely FREE utilizing the HOSTING Services provided by and according to their established publishing rules and restrictions. You will receive:

  • My services as your Web Site Administrator  - Free

  • A fully functional web site - Free

  • An internet web site domain name FREE

Option TWO :  Free

Provide Administrative and Technical Support for your Existing Web Site. You may already have a web site online and just need help with updating and/or maintaining the site.

Option THREE -  $145 for 5 year domain name plan

You may elect to purchase a domain name for the parish (5 years @ $19./per year) from any ISP and "forward" this domain name to the pages I create for your site FREE. (domain forwarding may be free from your isp, however this service is usually $10./per year from the same ISP where the domain name is purchased from) 

If you like, I can purchase and manage the domain name on your behalf.

Option FOUR: $405/$550 for a 5 year package

This is the package that I recommend because it offers everything necessary to create a web site.  The package is purchased from . The reason I chose this service was based on their price for a web site with its OWN email system - and the experience and excellent support I receive on the many other web sites that I provide support for.  (a domain name needed)

Church Web sites at extremely reasonable prices:

"DomainRedirect offers unmatched personalized services with an excellent human touch"

I have received a special deal from for the hosting of your church web sites. The servers are hosted in Texas and the cost is $405.00 for a 5 year hosting plan.  Yes, you read it correctly.  $405.00  is for a full 5 year hosting plan and includes:

Windows 2000 Hosting Features
Domain Hosting           (com/net/org/info/biz/name/cc)
10 - Pop3 Mail Boxes    (
Unlimited Email Aliases & Auto Responders
Powermail Control Panel
Web Based POP Management
Browser Based Mail Manager
Control Panel Access
Front Page 2000 Extensions
Access to (Online Customer Support Center)
Online Knowledgebase/Manual
SMTP Services *
24 x 7 Ftp Access
ASP Support
PHP Support
Real Audio, Real Video Support
Multimedia Support
ASPMail/CDONT Support
WAP Support
MsSQL Database Support *
Custom DLL Registration *
Custom Application Installation *
Payment Gateway Support/Installation *
SSL (Secured Certificate) *
Online Web Statistics
Raw Log Files Access
      * = available at additional cost

Already own your Domain Name??
If you already own your church domain name, then we simply need to contact your DNS agent and have the domain name forwarded or redirected to the new web server.  If you don't already own this domain name, I  can include (Option 3) a new domain name for 5 years with redirection for about $145. (19/yr Domain Name and $10/yr redirection.) The TOTAL cost for everything is $550.

If you already have a single domain name and want to have multiple domain names pointing to this same web site, each additional domain name would need to be purchased and forwarded to your web site.  An example of this might be

If you are interested in this offering, or if you would simply like assistance in creating a new look for your existing web site, complete the application below or just drop me a note at   and lets talk.